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1959 Fashion

The Fifties 1950s Fashion 1959 Fashion “What clothes did they wear in 1959? The year 1959 was one in which women’s fashions reflected both the highly experimental and the soberly practical points of view. The loose chemise and sack outlines evolved into a still soft but more becoming and figure-defining silhouette, with …

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1958 Fashion

The Sixties 1960s Fashion 1967 Fashion “What clothes did they wear in 1958?  In 1958 the “revolutionary” silhouette was a long, unbroken oval, obviously inspired by a space rocket’s shape and achieved via shorter skirts and a loosened outline which touched the body only at the hips. The introduction of the narrow …

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1957 Fashion

The Fifties 1950s Fashion 1957 Fashion “What clothes did they wear in 1957?  In 1957 women’s fashions reflected sharp contrast, restless experimentation and a search for a change which would be as distinct and as satisfying as the New Look of 1947 and the Empire sheath which succeeded it in 1954. In …

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1956 Fashion

The Fifties 1950s Fashion 1956 Fashion “What clothes did they wear in 1956? The year 1956 was characterized by what might be termed a “romantic revival” in women’s fashions in the United States. Both in dress and in home decoration there was a shift away from stark simplicity to a more elaborate, …

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1955 Fashion

The Fifties 1950s Fashion 1955 Fashion “What clothes did they wear in 1955? The year 1955 was a year of what might be termed “siren simplicity” in women’s fashions. Clothes combined willowy sex appeal with fresh youthfulness and ease. Both the 1920s and the French empire had their reflections in the mode, …

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1954 Fashion

The Fifties 1950s Fashion 1954 Fashion What clothes did they wear in 1954? Contemporary fashion changes seem to be falling into seven-year cycles. This rhythm of style changes was vividly illustrated during 1954, which saw the end of the seven-year epoch of full skirts and “tiny” waists below a prominent, pointed bosom …

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1953 Fashion

The Fifties 1950s Fashion 1953 Fashion “What clothes did they wear in 1953? The year 1953 ushered in a mood of sleek, slender elegance combined with a gamin quality, at once young and sophisticated. Hemlines, waistlines and hairlines all grew shorter and thus combined to make fashion news in 1953. It was …

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1952 Fashion

The Fifties 1950s Fashion 1952 Fashion “What clothes did they wear in 1952? The year 1952 was one of transition in women’s fashions. The silhouette was in the process of slimming and softening: the full-blown skirts over crinolines, petticoats and stiffened linings began to narrow down; the stiff taffeta, faille, alpaca and …

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1951 Fashion

The Fifties 1950s Fashion 1951 Fashion “what clothes did they wear in 1951?The year 1951 was one in which looking smart meant also looking youthful and pretty. There were few if any bizarre fads. the arts and skills of fashion designers were directed toward giving a woman a very “pretty body,” with …

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