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1960s Fashion Accessories -Purses and Gloves


Accessories. In the 1960s, accessories were as colorful as other apparel. This was especially true of shoes. The trend started in spring with a complete range of rainbow colors in patent, kid, suede, and fabric. Fall shoes featured lizard and snake skins in every color, including gold and silver. Heels were generally low and stacked, although the tiny slim heel of the previous year was still seen. There was a bare look in many shoes, with sides and backs exposed, and there was a new rounded shape to the toe. Boots, from knee to ankle length, made fashion news. Most were lined for warmth, and many were fitted and heeled like a shoe. In bright red, shiny black, or white, and in fur, zebra, pony, and lizard, they were as colorful as shoes.

Gloves tended most often to be in six- or eight-button lengths. Bags were diminutive, as compared with previous seasons, and more compact and trim. Colorful snake and lizard bags were designed to match shoes. Tapestry prints and bright colored kid were available at every price.

In jewelry, too, color was promoted. Beads hung around the neck in exciting color combinations and huge stones or long, narrow strands fell from the ears. The tasseled sautoir, with matching earrings, became fashionable, along with bangles, in many colors for summer and in gold and silver for fall and winter.

Hats were larger, and hair was piled higher. Big brimmed leghorns, bouffant berets, wide-brimmed rollers, and tall, deep cloches were important throughout the year.

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