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So, here we are 50 plus years later. You may or may not have lived during that time. If you did then no description can surpass the actual experience of being in the sixties. If you were there then you are likely to have nostalgic pangs to return to that time, or MAYBE NOT. It all depends. You see, everything is variable and relies on whether most of the things you experienced were positive or not.  Just like everything else IT ALL DEPENDS. If you are a child of the 90s then, for you, that is likely your preferred decade of choice. However, I can say without question the sixties decade was far, far different than any decade before or since.

Who doesn’t like 1960s fashion? What’s to not like? During the sixties decade, we had the highest hemlines, the lowest hemlines. We had a kaleidoscopic riot of colors. We had the coolest mod design and we had a choice of unlimited fabrics, to say nothing about the lowest upkeep and maintenance on clothes EVER.


1960s Fashion Accessories -Purses and Gloves

Accessories. In the 1960s, accessories were as colorful as other apparel. This was especially true of shoes. The trend started in spring with a complete range of rainbow colors in patent, kid, suede, and fabric. Fall shoes featured lizard and snake skins in every color, including gold and silver. Heels …

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