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Famous Lunch – Troy, NY

All you can eat. Get ’em while they’re hot. From Wikipedia Website. “The type of hot dogs served at Famous Lunch and Hot Dog Charlies in Troy, NY is sometimes known as “Michigan Hot Dogs” or simply “Michigan“, is a steamed hot dog on a steamed bun topped with a …

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1951 Interior Decor

The Fifties/ 1950s /Interior Decor /1951 Interior Decor Emerging from the multitude of new designs, new materials and combinations of materials that were introduced in 1950 were two definite trends in the 1951 furniture picture. In 1951 Interior decor the most important was the tremendous renewal of interest in French Provincial …

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1950 Interior Decor

The Fifties 1950s Interior Decor 1959 Interior Decor In terms of progress, interior decor for 1950 presented a pictured contrast wherein the confusion that developed during the last six months of the year, dating from the outbreak of hostilities in Korea, seemed in danger of over-shadowing the genuine accomplishments of the …

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