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1969 Fashion

1969 Fashion “Men’s and women’s fashions continued in their parallel trends—both were heavily influenced by the art deco movement of the thirties—and the accent was on classic style with distinctive variations. Women’s Fashions The costume party was over. Women didn’t pile a five-tiered skirt over a dozen layers of crinoline, embroider …

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1968 Fashion

1968 Fashion “The year 1968 was marked by the individualist in fashion, and by lawlessness. Anything went! Writing in the Christian Science Monitor in September, fashion reporter Patricia Shelton said: “Any genius can put a wardrobe together—all it takes is an artist’s eye for color, line, and rhythm; confidence; a …

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1967 Fashion

1967 Fashion “This year may well be remembered as the year of the peacock, for the spotlight fell upon men’s wear, and such name designers as John Weitz and Bill Blass decked out the American male in brighter plumage than he had sported in many a decade. Women’s fashions, on …

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1966 Fashion

1966 Fashion “An extraordinary diversity of images was available to the fashion public this year. On a short stroll along a fashionable city street one might come across a moon maiden in a silver miniskirt, Alice in Wonderland in a brief baby smock, or perhaps Anna Karenina in furred suit …

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1965 Fashion

1965 Fashion “The fashion year was a varied one, with enough trends to provide choices for even the most individualistic woman. The Italians feuded about whether Florence or Rome should be their fashion center; the French were the French—minus the famous Andre Courreges, who forsook haute couture for ready-to-wear; the …

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1964 Fashion

1964 Fashion “Continuing the trend begun in the latter part of 1963, women’s fashions in 1964 moved still further away from the straight lines and extreme tailoring of “tough chic” to ever greater fullness, softness, and feminine detail. Some startling innovations also made fashion headlines, including the highly influential discotheque …

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