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1963 Fashion

1963 Fashion “In the fashion world 1963 was the year Cleopatra died. Laid to rest with her were the cinched waist, the too-rounded hips, and the harsh painted eyes, lips, and complexion. It was a year marked by a return to softness and naturalness, a year in which traditional seasonal …

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1962 Fashion

1962 Fashion “Fashion in 1962 was notable for the wide untie of color, silhouette, and fabric presented by American designers. For every type, from the avantgarde to the ultrafashionable, a new free movement and femininity were expressed. Consciousness of the figure was noticeable; clothes were molded and frankly clinging. Spring …

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1961 Fashion

1961 Fashion 1961 ¬†fashion “During 1961, women’s fashions continued in the relaxed outline of the previous year, but the transition toward a more fitted look was clearly indicated. Bias cut and diagonal drapery replaced the straight and tubular or oval silhouettes, bringing the natural figure into focus while retaining a …

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1960 Fashion

1960 Fashion “The 1960s decade may well be recorded as one of the most fashion-conscious periods in recent history, even more than the 1890s and the 1920s. Even the American Presidential election campaigns made fashion an issue, in 1960 fashion, when the wives of the two Presidential candidates became the …

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